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Two songs from the Atharvaveda

AV. 1.5

Waters! As the unceasing joy of Earth, lead us to join the flow
And show us that intense delight.

Impel us to participate in your most soothing savour now
Like a mother who’s all too keen.

Waters! Let’s call on you to feel that secret whose serene abode
You help us to and birth us for.

Nourisher of the weal, abiding carer of this land and us:
From you, Waters, I seek a cure.

in the metre of gāyatrī

AV. 6.42

Like unstringing a tightened bow,
I unwind from your heart this rage.
Let us therefore unite as friends,
since we two minds have come as one.

Let us unite as friends: In you
I unwind and relax the wrath.
With our folks here we cast it down
and put a boulder on its top.

And I stand on the buried grudge,
and press down with my heel and toe,
So that it shall attend my thoughts
and speak nothing against our will.

in the metre of anuṣṭubh


The following texts in Sanskrit have been transliterated in IAST. Word-boundaries are emphasized by a space character when possible in spite of sandhi.

AV. 1.5

āpo hi ṣṭhā mayobhuvas tā na ūrje dadhātana |
mahe raṇāya cakṣase ‖

yo vaḥ śivatamo rasas tasya bhājayateha naḥ |
uśatīr iva mātaraḥ ‖

tasmā araṃ gamāma vo yasya kṣayāya jinvatha |
āpo janayathā ca naḥ ‖

īśānā vāryāṇāṃ kṣayantīś carṣaṇīnam |
apo yācāmi bheṣajam ‖

AV. 6.42

ava jyām iva dhanvano manyuṃ tanomi te hṛdaḥ |
yathā saṃmanasau bhūtvā sakhāyāv iva sacāvahai ‖

sakhāyāv iva sacāvahā ava manyuṃ tanomi te |
adhas te aśmano manyum upāsyāmasi yo guruḥ ‖

abhi tiṣṭhāmi te manyuṃ pārṣṇyā prapadena ca |
yathāvaśo na vādiṣo mama cittam upāyasi ‖